During one of my recent stays in Bali I invited some family members from Europe to come and visit us. It is always so much fun to bring family and friends to Bali and to let them experience many new and exciting things. So we went rafting in the Ubud area.


Our group

Our group was very diverse: my teenage daughters as well as my parents in law that are 70 years old. We had so much fun! This is really an activity that is suitable for all ages.  By the way good to know: the maximum age for the rafting is 70 years. Rafting companies ask the age of all participants and informed us that you are not allowed to do the rafting if you are over 70. I think it has to do with the path to the river that has many many steps and which can be a challenge for older people or people that are not in a good physical shape. 



The Way down to the river

The way to the river leads to a path in the jungle. It is very beautiful but be aware that there are many steps to take. 


Stepping into the raft

Here you see us all, ready to step into the rafts. The guides were fantastic, helping everyone to step in. They also gave very good safety instructions before starting. The guides had wet bags where we could keep some valuables that needed to stay dry. (like my phone that I used for making these pictures)



The nature along the river is absolutely stunning. It is worth asking the guides to slow down sometimes and enjoy the wonderful scenery. Waterfalls, carvings in some stones along the river, all these shades of green.... stunning.

A break

During our rafting session we had time for a break and.... for a fresh beer. The guides organised some of their family members / people of their village to wait for us half way at the border of the river with fresh drinks. A fantastic moment. 

You want to go rafting during your stay in Villa Bossi? No problem, we will take care of all the arrangements. For more information on rafting, please check our page on the website: link


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