Step into the heart of Munduk's serene rice paddies alongside Putu, our cherished guide for your enchanting walking adventure

Born and raised in Mayong, a village next to Munduk, Putu's roots run deep within this picturesque village. Nestled among the rice terraces, he resides with his parents and devoted wife, embodying the true spirit of the community. We hold Putu in high regard for his boundless knowledge and warm-hearted nature.

Putu isn't just a guide; he's a walking encyclopedia of the lush landscape. With precision, he leads you through the rice paddies, ensuring you witness the most breathtaking views. His intimate familiarity with the local flora and crops is astonishing, and he eagerly shares his wisdom about agriculture and the intricacies of the Balinese subak system.

When we curated the activities at Villa Bossi, it was imperative that Putu be part of our extended family. His affable nature and unmatched passion for guiding visitors through his beloved village made him an indispensable addition. Rest assured, your journey with Putu will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Embark on a walking odyssey with Putu, and be prepared to be captivated by his genuine warmth and profound knowledge of Munduk's natural wonders. It's a journey that promises not only breathtaking scenery but also a deeper connection to the heart of Bali. With Putu by your side, your Munduk adventure is destined for greatness.


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