Bali cooking class & visit to local market

Open hours
08h00 - 19h00

The balmy tropical climate and volcanic soil has blessed Bali with a superb range of fruit, vegetables and rice. In fact, everything from coffee to cloves, ginger to corn, and grapes to mango can be found on this fertile island, while fiery hot chillies and fragrant herbs lend excitingly different flavors to Balinese meat, poultry, fish and vegetable dishes.

Bali has become a place where global cuisines meet. The finest Balinese food has shades of South-Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and even French, Portuguese and fusion cuisine and contains the six flavors (sweet, sour, spicy, salty, bitter and astringent), which in turn promote health, vitality and stimulate the senses.

Villa Bossi guests with a passion for cooking can join our staff to the local food market and prepare together with them their favorite Balinese dish!

Book this activity during your stay at Villa Bossi in Bali!

Experience this unique activity during your stay in one of our villas. We take care of all practical arrangements while you relax & enjoy!

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